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Construction Security

What our Construction Security Guarding services offer:

Construction security guards use site risk assessments and site surveys on a frequent basis to ensure anyone entering or leaving the site that they are fully aware with any health and safety issues that could effect them. Construction sites in particular have a lot of expensive machinery and objects so it is very important that they needed to be guarded against theft and criminal damage at all times.

Construction building sites are actively an attractive target for criminals due to the expensive equipment and machinery on site. Security company Leicester has a number of upcoming construction sites in the East Midlands region and surrounding areas. Our aim to to provide all these sites with a level of high professional security leaving them protected and not an open target.  All our licensed staff are trained in construction site security and have all the correct dispositions to deal with the varied tasks that arise during an incident.

We have a response and reporting system in place where you have access to our daily, weekly and monthly reports, so if you wish you can have an in-depth view of how the security service is delivered. Whatever your building site requirement is we have a competitively priced service, which does not sacrifice quality.

Our Construction Security Guards:

We are experienced in providing guards for construction sites to ensure construction sites are safe and secure. We use frequent site risk assessments and site surveys to enforce that all people on site are fully aware and up to date of all health and safety factors.

Construction sites need to be 100% guarded at all times in case of any theft or damage. If machinery is not protected then the cost to replace or fix can be very high.  Our construction security guards are responsible for frequent check calls, continually patrolling the site, recording any possible threats or incidents and our team of supervisors track their performance by making regular visits at any time of the night without any prior notice.

What are the possible risks with running a construction site?


Theft is one of the most common crimes committed on a construction site, with valuable materials, fuel and tools on site, it is an obvious place that thieves are going to target. So much so that it is reported that 92% of construction site workers have worked on a site that has been targeted by thieves.

Given how crucial construction is and how many sites are up nationwide, a number like 92% is simply unacceptable, making security on these sites an absolute necessity, being able to protect and secure all equipment, personnel and personal belongings ensures your construction runs as smooth as it could run.


Arson is defined as intentionally setting property alight and for those in the construction sector, they will be no stranger to this term sadly, according to the Home Office for statistics, there were 170 fires lit on construction sites in 2017, a 43% increase from only 2 years prior and accounting for a total of 42% of reported fires that year.

With such a rise in arson, it is now more than ever that construction sites have to double down on securing their property. Whilst the fire brigade helps in the event of an actual fire itself, with Security Company Leicester, we are confident in our ability to prevent any such event transpiring in the first place.


Vandalism is the act of pure malice in the case of Construction sites, there is nothing for the vandal to gain and yet it still occurs, with 91% of construction site workers saying they have dealt with vandalism in some way in the past.

There are plenty of measures that can be put in place when it comes to vandalism, having strong fences, locks and other equipment to prevent access, however all of this is trumped by an actual security unit. Generally vandals will come prepared for things like reinforced security measures but upon seeing a heavily guarded site will be instantly deterred.

How we can help you:

We can supply you with several different types of Construction Security, from mobile patrols to CCTV surveillance, we are able to help keep your property safe in the way that works best for you. With a free bespoke tailored quote we are able to provide all customers with a model and service that suits there individual needs. Security in the construction industry is difficult enough as it is, we are here to make construction sites safer.

Make sure to request a quote with us today, criminals don’t take days off and construction sites are veritable treasure troves for thieves, ensure your work place isn’t vandalised today.

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