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Mobile Patrol Security

About our Mobile Patrol Guards:

We can provide your company with mobile security arrives for your company. We can have mobile security supervisors patrol in a marked patrol vehicle patrol your site each day getting ready of any threats. Our mobile patrol security can fit your needs, some open areas such as schools and parks are too dangerous to monitor on foot.

As one of the UK’s leading security companies we will not just deliver these services, our security mobile patrols will stop at nothing to protect your business by providing an unbeatable deterrence against crime. To ensure your organisation is completely safeguarded, we will supply security guards that are allocated specifically to the role you require to guarantee the efficiency of the services they deliver.
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Why choose Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol is an incredibly powerful visual deterrent, for any would be thieves, seeing a marked mobile patrol unit surveying the area can be enough to stop them from committing any crimes, it is shown statistically that sites or properties that have a marked mobile patrol unit on site or patrolling the vicinity have lower crime rates. On top of the visual deterrent aspect of the unit, they are also able to provide you with updates on any situations or activity that happens around the area they are patrolling.

How we can help you

Security Company Leicester trains and rigorously tests its mobile patrol units, they are all exceptionally disciplined and able to spot any criminal activity way before any potential crime can get underway, you are also able to recieve live updates regarding whatever the mobile patrol unit can see and what actions are best to take regarding combating the issue at hand. On top of this, due to Security Company Leicesters bespoke quotation we are able to provide you with other services outside of our mobile patrol security services

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