Retail Security

Our Retail Security Services:

As people turn to the likes of theft and fraud unfortunately it’s your business that suffers the consequences both financially and reputably. Ensuring you have a robust retail security solution in place from an expert security company is the only way you can keep your stock from the prying hands of thieves and vandals. We have a range of retail security solutions and loss prevention methods to ensure you are never the victim. Our guards are rigorously tested and vetted to ensure they are able to deal with any situation calmly and professionally

  • Recognise theft threats
  • Make customers and staff feel safe
  • Provide ongoing Surveillance of all areas
  • Maintain the brand image of the retail store
  • Prevent vandalism and theft
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Retail stores are facing increasing need for superior security. Thieves routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile, employee theft can occur right under management’s nose. Fortunately, we can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft with retail security guards.

Our retail security guards are an affordable solution to all your security problems. They can either be in form of a store detective or be in front of your property which will deter any theft threats. Our security is there to make sure that their is a continuity of your store being safe and running smoothly keeping your stock safe as possible

What our Retail Security Guards offer:

  Trained to recognise and stop theft threats
  Make customers and staff feel safe and secure in the retail environment
•  Monitor the store all the time
•  With a security guard on duty, shoppers will feel safe with a visual presence, and the amount of crime will drop immediately
•  Every Retail Security Guard has been fully trained and checked to make sure they are efficient and keeping your businesses the safest and most secure it can be
  Our Security Guards offer a wide diverse range or services including Key Holding service, Alarm Response and even opening and closing the property at the end or start of the day

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What services our retail security provides:

There are multiple different forms of retail security that you can ask us for, from the manned security guards to mobile patrols, all of our retail security options are based around the needs of our clients. With our bespoke tailor made quotations, we are able to meet all the needs of our clients, by telling us what it is that your business needs we are able to hand craft a solution to fit your organisation.

Retail security in this day and age is more important than ever, with shops being targeted more and more for their selection of high value items, they make for some of the most common areas and locations that criminals will be likely to attack. With this being said, keeping your business safe is a priority, a lot of organisations put their faith in their staff but without formal training or a watchful eye over the shop premises, it is impossible to effectively monitor any criminal activity and perform their retail jobs to the best of their ability.

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