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About Static Security Guards

Static Security Guarding aren’t stationery guards. A big part of their duties is to conduct regular security patrols to keep everything 100% secure. People often think that security guards are there to mainly catch intruders when in reality the security measures put in place usually prevent this from happening before hand. Our static security guards in Leicester are always doing their part which is conducting regular and thorough security patrols. One of the popular misconceptions for the public is that our security guard patrols are to catch intruders. in reality, due to the security measures we have already put into place intrusions are very rare. If you are interested in this security service please read more below.

Main Duties of Static Security Guards

  • To prevent fire, flood and damage to your property.
  • To deter theft and vandalism
  • To prevent accidents.
  • Site supervisions and random inspections

Static Guards can also be used for a number of other duties such as opening and closing the property at the start and end of the working day. If an incident does occur, it is always logged in the appropriate incident book for future reference. This may become important evidence if the police need to be called.

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